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Birth Certificate is an important document and it is required by all major public and private administration. It is required in school, colleges, and embassies and sometime in court as well. While applying for USCIS, college or university in US- Certified translation of birth certificate is required. At Versatile Languages, our birth certificate translation services are widely acknowledged for quick turnaround time, accuracy and guaranteed acceptance by the authorities. For last 7 years, we have translated over thousands of birth certificate issued by the different countries around the world.

All of our birth certificates are translated 100% by professional human translator who are native speakers of their respective language. Our quality control process ensure top class services.

Certified birth certificate translation is for official use, such as court and school where recipient requires verification that the translation is correct and complete. It must be submitted with the original document so it can be attested that the target document is correct translated with source document. It also verifies that translator is a professional translator having full command in both languages.  

Our Birth Certificate Translation

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Certified Translation of Birth Certificate

Certified translation is a document signed by a translator or an official representative of a certified translation agency which ensures that translated document is complete and correct and it is exactly as the original document. The translation will be stamped/sealed and certificate of translation will be attached with it. It is important to hire a professional translator or experienced document translation agency so your document are not rejected by the authorities you submit to.

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Over 120 Languages

Versatile Languages is your single-source certified translation agency for spoken or written content. We currently offer certified translation services in more than 120 languages. Our Online certified services enables us to serve our clients anywhere., anytime.

Trusted Translation Agency

We are the largest certified translation agency which is trusted by many small medium and large businesses in United States. Our process is secure and fully trusted by our clients for over the years. We carefully manage things so you can get the full return on your investment.

7 Years of Experience

In last 7 years, we have gone through many ups and downs but now we can proudly say that with each passing year, we have become expert in translation field. With each passing year, we have learnt to provide best certified translation services.

24/7 Availability

Our project managers are available 24/7 to assist you with all of your needs and walk you through professionally. You can fill up free quote form, contact us through our live chat or you can call us on our 24/7 main line. We are also available on WhatsApp.

Quick Turnaround Time

We commit and we deliver. People and businesses trust us because of our quick turnaround time. We make sure that all the electronic versions of translation should be returned to customers within 24-48 hours while physical copy will take 5-7 business days.

Reasonable Price

Our rate is very reasonable and competitive than other translation agencies. People needing translation services are usually exploited by freelance translators by charging high rates. Our rate is very competitive, so give us a call and have your documents translated today.

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