Certified Document Translation Services

A certified translation is required when papers or the documents are stamped with an official signature of the translators or professional translation agency stamp seal. These documents are required for legal, immigration, continuation of education purposes. It can be only provided by the certified translator or a professional translation agency. Most of the cases, the official representative of a translation agency appears before notary commission and confirms that translation is an accurate copy of original or source documents and ensures that translation was completed by expert and a professional translator who has ability and knowledge of both (source and target) languages.

When do you need certified document translation?

There are some situations where you need certified translation of a document. In case you are applying for a Visa, admission or immigration, you must need certified document translation services. Similarly when you are involve in a legal case, it can be of any type, you have to submit the certified translation of your document.

Situation where certified document translation are not needed.

Fillable forms, contracts, website material, marketing material, insurance policy and manual, technical documentation or booklets, brochures, press release and software translation do not usually require certified translation or need to be stamped.  In order to do such type of translation, you must hire professional document translation services.

If you need such service, Versatile Languages is here for you. You can contact us anytime. We have been providing excellent translation services for 7 years. Versatile Languages is one of the largest certified document translation agency providing quality translation services. We provide professional document translation services online, over the phone and you can visit us personally if you want. Our scope is not limited to one field, we provide certified document translation services to all fields of businesses such as medical, legal, education, immigration, real estate and personal matters. Our translations are certified, professionally done by native speakers of their respective languages.

What is Included in Professional Document Translation Services?

The importance of documents in today’s communication system cannot be denied. It is a base of way of doing business. Versatile Languages provides quick and accurate document translation services in over 120 languages. We bring our expertise and experience forward when it comes to translating professional documents and make sure that accuracy is applied in any document we produce.  Our professional document translation services cover following documents.

List of Documents we Translate

Business Document Translation Services

Many Organizations around the globe, use business translation as an integral part of their business operation. To maintain high standard of communication and smooth operations, business document translations play an important role throughout the world. Businesses ensure that their communication should be perfect and it must be perfectly written so message should be delivered clearly, that is why they should hire excellent business document translation services. This is where Versatile Languages comes into play.

Depending on field, we choose the best and industry related translator for you so the final translation should be correct. It does not matter if you have any financial terminology in your documents or highly technical aerospace terminology, we select our translators very carefully. Our business linguists are professional and highly qualified who meet their deadlines strictly. We work with small businesses as well as large organization with the same diligence and impeccable customer care.

Committed To Excellence

We serve following industries





Real Estate




Official Document Translation Services You Can trust

Quick Service

People trust us because of our quick turnaround time. We make sure that all the electronic versions of translation should be returned to customers within 24-48 hours while physical copy will take 5-7 business days.


Each passing day, we have learnt to handle our clients more efficiently and more professionally. With our growing trust of clients, we tried hard to provide excellent services and live up to expectation of our clients.

Dedicated PM

Our professional team will be available to assist you 24/7. As soon as your request comes in, a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you until the translation is completed, reviewed and delivered to you.


Our rate is very reasonable and competitive than other translation agencies. Our rate is very competitive ranges between $0.07- $0.10 per word depending on language, field, formatting and type of document.

We provide business document translation services for the following fields.

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Signed and Stamped Certification
  • Multilingual Support
  • Easy File Transmission
  • Lowest Price
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Fully Notarized Translation of Marriage certificate
  • Quick Turnaround within 24 hours
  • 100% Accuracy is guaranteed
  • Unlimited Revision
  • USCIS approved translation
  • Digital Delivery
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