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Transcription is a way of communication in which the medium of language is changed from spoken to written. The spoken language is recorded as written content on a paper. Spoken or sign language which is to be written down is known as transcribing. This is later to be interpreted or evaluated. The Versatile languages provide top quality transcription and evaluation services to customers on demand.

How we do it!

Different types of transcription services are provided by our company. This entirely depends on the needs of the client. These are specifically for audio or videos documents.

  • Verbatim Transcription; this is the most technical kind of transcribing. The audio or video file to be written down is an exact replica of the file. Expressions, half sentences and even gestures are accurately transcribed. Our qualified interpreters are able to provide top quality services in this regard. Verbatim transcription is the most complex and difficult transcription.
  • Edited transcriptions are comparatively easier as the gestures and facial expressions can help in identifying a proper meaning. Our interpreters can easily understand the purpose of the audio or video file and interpret the accurate message on the paper.
  • Intelligent transcription on the other hand requires the transcriber to over look unnecessary information in the audio and video file yet producing a meaningful and clear transcription. Usually this demands a lot of editing. Our well qualified and experienced interpreters can easily tackle all kind of work related to intelligent transcription.

Versatile languages provide quick transcription services to clients on demand. The company provides different types of transcription services to clients depending upon their ease. It includes on-call transcription, on site transcription and over video calls also.


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