What is meant by word “BUGANA”?

You may have heard the word Bugana many times. Might the word confused you to recognize its actual meanings whenever you listened it? Here is the blog to remove all the confusions about the word.

The word has vast meanings. It belong to different states and regions, languages and cultures. It is use in different places with different meanings. It is sometime use as rich, and abundant. Many regions and places are also specified by the word Bugana. And the most interesting one, this word is also use to name a person.

Let’s try it, Hye Bugana listen to me. Ohh yeah it sounds so funny.

Not only limited to different meanings it also has pronunciation with different accent in different regions.

Bugana in English:

 In English it is simply use to quantify plentiful, rich, and abundant. It is use to explain any thing that is enormous. A thing that is gigantic in size can be recognize by its size. Like the word its pronunciations also very simple. But pronunciation may vary in American and British language.

Bugana in Hindi:

Bugana is Hiligaynon word. Some Indians use this word to name new born. In India many of the places are also named Bugana. But the actual meaning in Hindi are not completely specified. Some places are also located in Andhra Pradresh and Utttar Pradesh that name Bugana.

Places that name Bugana:

There is a village in India named Bugana. Another place Bugana beach and Dive resort is in Philippines. People believe that the name fit the place as it is rich of beauty, calmness, and peace. The place is gigantic and full of marine life with clean shing water flows.

Name of people:

The name Bugana means Freedom lover, charisma, and influencer. The name can be used for both male and female. Each letter of the name specifies a gorgeous feature of the personality. Those who are named Bugana possess leadership abilities and are independent. They are energetic and confident.

Hope that the article help you much about the understanding of the word. Knowing different languages and unusual words can never be useless. Nothing more but it increases to your information. This information can help you contact globally.  Learning more new words gives idea of thinking logically. Having vast vocabulary help people communicate in an extremely engaging way. Knowledge and speaking of different words in your vocabulary last an impressive impression on listeners.

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