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Versatile Languages is one of the largest certified translation agency providing quality translation services. We provide professional document translation services online, over the phone and you can visit us personally if you want. Our scope is not limited to one field, we provide certified document translation services to all fields of businesses such as medical, legal, education, immigration, real estate and personal matters. Our translations are certified, professionally done by native speakers of their respective languages.



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Versatile Languages is one of the leading online certified translation agencies in USA providing certified document translation services for many years. We provide quick translation services at very affordable prices comparing other translation agencies. No matter, what type of field you are in or which state you live in, our professional document translation services are accepted anywhere in United States. With 24/7 customer support and expert project managers, we are considered as best official document translation services provider. We cover over 120 languages, since Spanish is widely spoken in US after English, we proudly say that we are expert in translating Spanish documents. With native Spanish translators, we complete several requests for certified Spanish document translation services.
The demand of translation services has increased in past few years and it creates high competition between translation agencies. Not every agency is pro, only few can provide excellent certified translation services with affordable rate. It takes years of experience dedication and hard work to get pro position. By passing each day, we have learnt to handle difficult task with ease and this is the only way we have evolved and became one of the leading translation agency.

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Communication is very important for human beings. It plays an important role in society and there will be lot of bottlenecks if communication is not effective. There is a need of translation in every field of life. People who are proficient in their respective native languages, when help others they become translators. At versatile languages we remove this barrier and help businesses, students and general public to get the value of their money. Versatile Languages, being in business for 7 years provide the most accurate and professional translation to its client.

Certified Translation Services for Any Industry

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professional certified translation services in fort lauderdale
professional certified translation services in fort lauderdale
professional certified translation services in fort lauderdale

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Quick Service

People trust us because of our quick turnaround time. We make sure that all the electronic versions of translation should be returned to customers within 24-48 hours while physical copy will take 5-7 business days.


Each passing day, we have learnt to handle our clients more efficiently and professionally. With our growing trust of clients, we tried hard to provide excellent services and live up to expectation of our clients.

24/7 Availability

Our professional team will be available to assist you 24/7. You can fill up free quote form, contact us through our live chat or you can call us on our 24/7 main line. We are also available on Whatsapp for instant quote.


Versatile Languages is the largest certified translation agency which is trusted by many small medium and large businesses in United States. Our process is secure and fully trusted by our clients for over the years.


Our rate is very reasonable  than other translation agencies. Our rate is very competitive ranges between $0.07- $0.10 per word depending on language, field, formatting and type of document.

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