Telephonic Interpretation

In the modern era of speedy time lapse and complex frames of our routines, individuals seek quick and easy solutions to cater to day to day work tasks. The interpreters of versatile languages have made lives for such individuals much easier! Gone are the times when you had to wait on employee or hire a person to interpret different languages for you. It has leveled up communication on a whole new level. The telephonic communication has never been easier than this, also it breaks language barriers.

Where Phone Interpretation is Required?

If you are someone who is running an organization, want to spread your business to other states or countries then this is your ticket. If the on-site interpreter is not available and you have an emergency, than in that case over-the-phone interpretation is the best option for you and versatile languages provides best over-the-phone interpretation services to clients 24/7.

  • The language interpreters of versatile languages are dedicated and devoted.
  • The interpretation services provided by versatile languages are cost effective which means it doesn’t cost much on the clients.
  • The service is available at the clients dial. All the client has to do is dial the code to the language interpreter.
  • Moved to a foreign city? Don’t understand the language much? Our over the phone interpretation service is always just a dial away to your ease. Do not worry about the costs or communication barriers. Don’t decide until you try!

Committed To Excellence

Telephonic Interpretation is considered as quick, convenient and affordable way of communication, no matters where the parties are located. Our 24/7 telephonic interpretation services gives you freedom, scheduling can be done within 30 minutes or you can book in advance. Here is the list of industries which use our 24/7 telephonic interpretation with ease.





Real Estate




How do I Schedule a Telephonic Interpreter?

At Versatile Languages, we provide very simple process to schedule an American Sign Language Interpreters or Hearing Interpreters. First thing you must check the time frame you are looking at. You have to provide us at least 72-96 hours notice to check the availability of our resources. We understand that emergency requests are not in your control and we will be happy to assist you with your last minute request with our best possible available options. Call us or provide information about your event, date of event, time of event and the complete address and our project managers will help you. 

  • Language Pair
  • Date of Assignment
  • Start and End time of Assignment
  • Nature of Assignment

Call our main line or ask for an interpretation quote. Our project managers are available 24/7 to assist you with your needs. 

Why Versatile Languages

There are great over the phone interpretation companies providing excellent services to their client but quick scheduling sets us apart. All the language interpreters of versatile languages are thoroughly trained to entertain client’s demands. The language interpreter abides by strict code of conduct. The customer’s privacy is always taken care of. The interpreters are specially trained to in over the phone communication techniques, and all the interpreters are vigorously tested screened and authorized by the ASL interpretation companies. Interpreters are trained to interpret your message to your client and also convey your client’s message to you in a clear cut and comprehensible way.

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