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Losing a friend or family member is one of the difficult times one can face but we have no control over it. With several formalities we have to perform during the funeral preparation, the importance of a death certificate cannot be neglected especially if the deceased is out of US and he/she has to be taken back to US. In order to process for visa and other traveling check-list, you must have certified translation of death certificate.

The process of translation of death certificate is exactly as other document but sometime it requires extra attention when you need translation urgently. To ensure the accuracy and quick deliver, you must find a professional and trusted translation service with good past record who can provide you death certificate certified translation in affordable prices with quick turnaround time.

 At Versatile Languages, our death certificate translation services are widely acknowledged for quick turnaround time, accuracy and guaranteed acceptance by the authorities. For last 7 years, our experienced team of translators have translated hundreds of death certificates issued by the different countries around the world in more than 120 languages. 

When Certified Death Certificate Translation is Required?

Travel Requirements

To arrange visa and passport matters, you must need certified translation of death certificate.

Burial and Cremation

Sometime you might need death certificate certified translation to perform funeral and cremation. 

Financial and Legal Matters

A certified death certificate translation is required for legal and to take probate decisions.

Assets and Property

Transferring property or registration of automobiles or other assets do require certified death certificate.

Our Simple Process

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Death Certificate Certified Translation

Certified translation is a document signed by a translator or an official representative of a certified translation agency which ensures that translated document is complete and correct and it is exactly as the original document. It is important to attach your original document along with the certified translation of death certificate to avoid rejection.

What You will Get From Us

Electronic Version

Within turnaround time of 24 hours, we will provide you the electronic version of your certified translation via email.

Physical Version

Mailing can take time so we will deliver the original certified translation of your death certificate at your doorstep.

Top Class Services

With 24/7 services, we assure that you are provided best translation with 100% guarantee of acceptance.  

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