5 Common Languages in USA need Translation

Benefits of Studying in USA

Students find many benefits in studying in top developed countries such USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Some prominent benefits are:

  • Students in the USA enjoy the highest standard of education in the world
  • Studying in USA will help you reach your goals and further give path-ways to your career.
  • Student can easily climb up to global leadership ladder and you can get well familiar with US culture.
  • You can enhance your social circle and business connection with true professionals
  • Traveling and sightseeing is another additional benefit of studying in USA.

In Florida there are several colleges and universities offering international students, most common are The University of Florida, The Florida International University, Valencia College, and Tallahassee Community College. These colleges and universities attract students from all over the world and many of the students come from the countries where English is just a subject but not emphasized. Their English communication is not strong enough, as a result, they often seek out certified translation services and interpretation services offered by Versatile Languages. Today, we will cover the 5 common languages, students speak and they request certified translation for.


One cannot deny the significant Spanish speaking population in America. An estimated 3.2 million Florida residents speak Spanish at home, also most of the time it becomes a community where all Spanish speakers live and not only at home but in social circle they speak their native language.  Because of this high percentage of Spanish speaking, the students of these colleges do require certified translation services of their documents such as birth certificate translation, high school diplomas and transcripts. We at Versatile Languages assist the students with their Spanish translation services needs in best competitive and affordable rates.


European students like others countries, do travel and study in USA. These are the students, who already have completed their education in their own countries and come to America for higher studies. Here the translation agencies and certified translators play very important role helping these students who need their French high school certificates, diplomas and transcripts to translate from French to English which is always required by colleges and universities.


It is researched that Student from Arab countries often having a difficulty in speaking and understanding English language. In order to take admission, students need to have their document submitted to colleges and universities. Since they are in Arabic so they definitely need certified translation services to have their birth certificate translation. Our process is very simple and we make the process more simplified by taking all the translation burden off their shoulders and let them to concentrate on other important things to make their admission easier.


Russian natives’ stories are no different than other countries. They do have difficulties, they do need to translate their documents. Our native Russian translators can help their countrymen in translating their high school diploma translation, birth certificates and copies of passport. Some students stay in USA for extended period of time- extra stay always requires medical documents to be submitted to colleges and universities. Versatile Languages can help translating those documents as well in very reasonable price.


Florida is full of Korean students and some of them are on extended visa policy. They do require these documents to submit to universities in order to continue their education. We at Versatile Languages help our Korean students to help as much as we can.

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