Why Lawyers or Legal Firms need Interpretation Services?


      Interpreter is a person who translates any foreign language orally. Lawyers can’t take it for granted that their clients will be proficient in the English language. The world is becoming global day by day. Law firms are providing their services across the globe. Chances are very high that the lawyer gets clients that are not familiar with the native language so they may require interpreters for depositions or interpreters for hearing. In that case, language is a barrier thus lawyers or law firms hire an interpreter. It can be American Sign language interpreters or any other language. It can be interpreters on site or telephonic interpreter. The interpreter’s role is not just translating a foreign language to a language near to a person with whom he/she is communicating rather it also involves making sure he/she understands what is being said.

telephonic interpretation services in Florida

Advantages of hiring an interpreter:

There are several advantages of hiring an interpreter. Few of them are explained below.

  • Interpreters are an integral part of legal practice. Sometimes lawyer needs to convey all the basic and sharp details of legal rights and complexities to the client. In that case, if there is poor communication it can be very costly and it can damage the client as well as a lawyer’s reputation. Having an interpreter will give the privilege of smooth communication.
  • An interpreter is also responsible for conveying the message without being judgmental and biased as accurate as possible. An interpreter is not accountable for what is being said but is responsible for what is being said must be translated and conveyed in the best way possible.
  • Sometimes before any hearing lawyer needs a good connection with his client. He may want to know more about his client or client want to convey something necessary, in all these scenarios role of an interpreter is vital.
  • Sometimes lawyers encounter clients who are can speak English but it is not their mother language. Law is already complex adding that communication barriers could be devastating. Interpreter facilitates this by providing an ideal communication channel. Interpreter can’t just translate from one language to another. Sometimes by changing the language meaning becomes difficult to understandable so professional interpreters with the know-how of law are required.
  • Another reason to hire an interpreter is that people are migrating from one country to another for better lives lets take the U.S, people are migrating from other countries to America thus lawyers of the U.S have a greater probability of encountering with client having minimal or zero knowledge of English is high.
  • In some scenarios, a lawyer may be capable of speaking and understanding a foreign language but unaware of the client’s culture and norms. In this case, chances are very high that he can leave a bad impression on his client thus interpreters are hired.
  • If the client has a sensitive case like sexual assault then skilled interpreters can facilitate good communication without any hesitation and family interference. An interpreter should inform the lawyer if any concept is ambiguous or against cultural values. Law is already very complex so he should avoid assuming things by himself.
  • As mentioned earlier, the client could be a migrant. In this scenario, he could be nervous and uncomfortable as facing the judiciary on foreign soil is not an easy task. Interpreter can help him/her cool down and settle nerves.
  • Interpreter is also necessary during testimonies as he/she helps understanding clues and body language. If the client is deaf in that case sign Language interpreter is a must for communication. In some cases, it is the responsibility of lawyers to brief interpreters before and after the interpreting sessions. Lawyers will only get the best services from interpreters only when they will have a good connection with them.

Thus it is a must for lawyers and law firms to hire Court certified American Sign Language Interpreters for better legal practice.

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