The Growing Importance of Phone Interpreting:

Telephonic interpretation offers a most effective and inexpensive way for 2 people who speak different languages to understand each other. We always hear new stories about faster and better communication with the advancement of technology, social media, smartphones, and web 3.0 technology. With all these modern ways of technology, we still see a massive gap between cultures because of language differences.

All big translation agencies fill the gap by providing translation and interpretation services and phone service is something which is growing popular and helps two parties to communicate and understand with the assistance of a human on a 3rd line which acts as a phone interpreter.

It is a very simple process with the client requiring a phone interpreter contact translation agency. They hire an interpreter and as soon as connection establishes, one of the parties speaks first, the interpreter listens and translates into the respective language.

For example, if a Spanish to English interpreter was hired, Spanish will speak first which will be translated into English by an interpreter, and response will be listened to and translated into English. This process is also called consecutive interpreting.

National Conference of State Legislatures states about the population of US which is 322 million in 2017 out of which 13.1 million are not non-citizen while almost the same number is unauthorized immigrants. Illegal immigrants live around the US and earn a living. The majority of them barely speak English and still need social services such as legal, educational, and medical assistance. They need to communicate with the people outside their communities and seek help from translators and interpreters.

Whether you have to deal with an emergency, check your patient, as a legal attorney needs to pursue legal matters or any facing any situation with a language barrier, Telephonic interpretation brings a broad range of benefits that are used by various industries and sectors.

Telephonic interpretation in Las vegas
Healthcare Industry

Telephonic interpretation has gained massive popularity in the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, pharmacies, and first responders always depend on TI or RVI (Remote Video Interpreting) to convey messages in a most secure and timely manner. Professional and industry-based telephonic interpreters are important and most trusted by large hospitals and medical professionals. Due to terminology used in the medical field, the professional and medical interpreter should be always hired to provide top-notch services.


Federal state, counties, government entities often face unique challenges as a regular job. Government institutes require the highest number of experienced telephonic interpretations.  They make sure that they hire a professional and experienced interpreter to perform the job well and also keep the matter fully secure and confidential.


Telephonic interpreting or Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) is inexpensive but effective in case of emergencies. It reduces the travel time and parties don’t have to wait onsite for an interpreter.


They can be reached anytime or any hour of the day at various locations which makes it easier for the clients to connect with people who speak different languages.


They are generally available for emergencies outside the normal business hours and even available readily on the weekends. They are trained and experienced interpreters.

Impartiality and confidentiality

In the case of legal cases or medical assignments where a high level of confidentiality is required, telephonic interpreters play an important role in such assignments. The ability to be an interpreter without being seen is one unique advantage that applies to all 3 parties, the client, interpreter, and party speaking different languages.

Effective in current Covid Situation

With a recent spike of Covid, it has become popular and needs of all the businesses to have telephonic interpreters or video remote interpreting without having a direct interaction. It is a massive help in preventing the spread of coronavirus and keeping your business up and running all the time.

Why Versatile Languages

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