Top languages to learn for translators

Language and communication is the most important part in our lives. It is the source of communication between humans. In whole world about more than 6,500 languages are spoken. People belonging to different regions, states, continent, and culture communication in different language. Not only their language is different, but their accents also vary from each other. This makes all language unique and specific.

If you like to know the most popular languages of the world you just can’t estimate it from the native speakers nor would the Google services do so. If you are running a business internationally it is important for you to know the top languages of the world. Although English is one of the popular languages of the world but not all the people communicate in English. However, three out of four internet users in South Africa, Asia, and Europe purchase products in their native language.

It concludes that to communicate with the people of world you need to know first about the most popular and the utmost spoken languages of the world. To find such a data you can take help from certified translation services. As these agencies are providing translation services and compiled results at the end concluding in which language the most content is made.

A rough estimation revealed by the document of such an online certified translation service shows the statistics as follows:

1 English:

There is total 1.123 million speakers of English all over the world. Which includes 379 million native speakers and 753 million non-native speakers. It has become the universal language today. About 85% of the business and technological communication is done in English.

2 Chinese Mandarin:

It comprises 1.117 million speakers all over the world. In which there are 918 native speakers and 199 million non-native speakers. This is one of the simplest languages as it includes no grammatical distinction between singular and plural, no declination of verb according to tens and mood.

3 Hindi:

An estimated number of about 615 million people speak Hindi among them 341 million are native speakers and 274 million are non-native speaker. It is the traditional language and has direct belong to Sanskrit. Many of the words like jungle, yoga, shampoo has been added to English language.

4 Spanish:

It has 534 million speakers with 450 million native speakers and 74 million non-native speakers. It is at rank of third most used language on internet. Because of migration America has second largest number of Spanish speakers. Many students in United States take admission in universities and they require diploma translation services.

5 French:

There are total 280 million speakers of French in the world including 77 million native speakers and 203 non-native speakers. Today is use as official language in 29 different countries. There is large number of people who require certified document translation services.

6 Arabic:

There are total 274 million speakers of Arabic in the world including 245 million native speakers and 29 non-native speakers. It is widely spoken as an official language in more than 26 countries. Arabic is not only the language that comprise the enrich cultural heritage of the land but also a necessary language to do business in the region. Many immigrants in United States looking for USCIS approved translation services or USCIS certified translation services.

7 Bengali:

Bengali has the honor of total 265 million speakers along with 228 million native speakers and 37 million non-native speakers. It is the official language of Bangladesh, also spoken in different areas of India and Burma. It is quite surprising that is ranking in most spoken languages of the world. This is because Bangladesh is densely populated region.

8 Russian:

Almost there are total 258 million Russian speaker, 154 million native and 104 million non-native speakers. It has largest number of native speakers in Europe. Being spread on wide territory it must emerge as largest number of speakers.

9 Portuguese:

 221 million native and 13 million non-native speakers’ altogether make 234 million speakers of Portuguese. This language was spread during colonial period in Europe. Now it is the official language of 9 countries in different continents of world.

10 Indonesian:

It has total 198 million speakers with 43 million native and 155 million non-native speakers. It belong to Indonesia, which is the fourth most populated country of the world. The unusual feature of this language is that it is not the native language of its own people.

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