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Anyone who has had a job in the hotel industry can tell you that every staff member is a key player in the day-to-day operations of hotels. But, no position is more crucial than that of the hotel’s administrator.

Without the hotel’s administrator, it would be almost impossible for the other staff members to perform their job. In addition, without a hotel manager, there would be no one to resolve customer disputes and ensure that every guest enjoys the best experience possible.

Hotel administration is a stressful job, but there are many ways that hotel administrators can adopt to lessen the stress of their job and enhance the hotel’s standard. One such option is to hire translators.

Why Hire A Translator?

It should be every hotel administrator’s top priority to see that every one of their visitors is provided with the highest level of comfort possible.

This necessitates providing each visitor with the assurance they require to complain, regardless of whether or not they can communicate in the native tongue of the nation where they are staying.

To carry this out effectively, the management of the hotel should staff translators who are fluent in the languages that the patrons most frequently use. When two people who don’t have the same language talk to one another, it’s not uncommon for miming and charades to be a part of the conversation.

This will make finding a quick solution to any problem much easier since there won’t be any need for those things.

The Most Common Languages for Translation

 An administrator of a hotel should be able to look at their reservation records to find out which languages are often spoken by their guests.

But suppose you are employed at a hotel at its beginnings or an establishment that isn’t the best in keeping track of its books. Which languages should you think about employing a translator?

The best option is to employ someone who can translate their language of origin into English. The English-speaking nations are very well-liked by visitors from countries that are not English-speaking that have a strong sense of national pride. France, for instance, places great stress upon the significance of being able to speak French and maintaining it to survive the pressures of globalization.

This is why many French people live their whole life without ever attempting to master English. This means they have difficulty communicating their requirements to hotel staff when they travel beyond France to English-speaking countries.

Therefore, hiring a French translator for an English translator would be smart. Germany has its own national identity with the same respect.

Since the culture of Germany is distinctively German, It is not surprising that many of its citizens leave the country to live in other countries. A translator in English and German will enable an administrator of a hotel to serve their German guests without any issues.

Portuguese: The Key to Expansion

One of the world’s most popular tourist attractions is Portugal. It is home to around 20 million visitors each year. You might be surprised to discover that increasingly Portuguese holidaymakers are opting to go on vacation outside of their country.

There are many reasons. Many native Portuguese express their displeasure with the growing number of tourists as their reason for traveling to other countries.

Some feel that the Portuguese heat is too intense in the summertime. Many want to experience an entirely different culture to their home.

Because so many hotels fail to recognize the significance of the Portuguese market, it may be inferred that they are not doing much, if anything, to ensure a place for themselves in the hospitality industry’s foreseeable future.

You will be able to get ahead of the curve and treat your Portuguese guests with the same dedication you would give to your German and French guests if you have access to a Portuguese to English translator. As a result, you can turn first-time Portuguese travelers into repeat customers.

It is also important to point out that Portuguese is highly similar to many other languages, including Spanish, and these similarities should not be overlooked.

As a result, a Portuguese to English translator will almost certainly have some level of ability in Spanish, which will further enhance the number of languages that are spoken within the walls of your hotel.

At Versatile Languages, we provide certified translation services for all industries including hotel and hospitality industry. If you have documents to translate or need onsite consecutive interpreters including American Sign Language, please feel free to contact us.

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