5 Best Translation Agencies during Covid-19

Interpretation helps people to take part in events happening around the globe and enjoy them to the fullest. Interpreting services also provide benefit in international business, educational challenges and diplomacy. It also helps immigrants to deal with their daily tasks such as receiving healthcare services and legal services. The importance of interpretation or interpreting services cannot be neglected if you are traveling around the globe for family trip or business trip, you will require services of a professional interpretation services. There is a difference between Translation and Interpretation that many people normally combine these 2 terms.

Interpretation is something, when on traveling you need someone to interpret a spoken language- for example if you are traveling to Peru and need to exchange money, you need a professional Spanish interpreter who can help you understand the Spanish so you can communicate flawlessly.

On the other hand, Translation is something when you something in writing and need to submit in paper form, you must need a professional translator who can translate that document for you. In above example, if you have a form which is in Spanish and you need to fill it out to exchange money, you must find out a professional Spanish translator or professional Spanish translation agency which can provide you accurate translation in timely manner.

The Language industry has an aggregated value of around 47 billion with several companies providing translation and localization services around the world. Only in United States there are thousands of translation agencies serving millions of customers on daily basis. If you are looking for an interpretation services or translation services, you will certainly need time to find out the best translation services provider. It is not only interpreting or translation, it’s all about accuracy, meeting deadline, professionalism and punctuality which matters when it comes to finding the best translation services provider.

In this article we highlight top 5 translation services provider in United States that are leading the graphs.

          1- Versatile Languages

Versatile Languages is based in Florida and have been providing translation and interpretation services in USA for last 7 years. They are very inexpensive translation services with a quick turnaround time. Their regular turnaround time is 24 hours for smaller translation however you can ask if you have large files. The customer services are friendly, professional and available 24 hours a day. During Covid-19 they have become full remote but their business efficiency is same as before. Good thing about Versatile Languages is that they entertain same day request with swift delivery at your doorstep. There are certain terms and condition for delivery but they do deliver all the translation in Fort Lauderdale within 24 hours of the request. So if you are living in Fort Lauderdale or closer to Broward County, Versatile Languages is a best option for you. They are specialized in providing Certified Spanish Translation Services with 8 out of 10 jobs they handle are in Spanish<> English.

Certified document Translation Services

           2- Translators USA

Translators USA was established in 2002-2003 with the objectives of providing translation services and later they have expanded to interpreting services as well and still growing. The interesting fact about this company was the experience the owner had when applying for citizenship. The translation agencies on that time really gave a hard time to him so he planned to start his own agency which proved a good decision. With fully remote interpreting services, TU is 2nd in our list.

          3- LangaugeLine

LanguageLine is another giant in translation and localization industry in terms of languages they offer. It was founded in 1986 and operating from USA and UK. They not only provide Certified translation services to their clients but also help people who have limited English Proficiency. On their website, they cover 240 languages and do provide services to HealthCare, legal, educational and government sector.

         4- Rush Translation

With over 10 years of experience, Rush Translation is considered as best translation services in localization industry. Their best services are evident by the reviews they have from their customers. They offer translation, interpretation, DPT and many language base services. With the translators around the world, Rush Translation comes 4 in our list.

          5- One Hour Translation

Founded in 2008, one hour translation is constantly growing among the most popular professional certified document translation services provider in USA. They also have quick turnaround time and they have been providing translation solution to businesses and government agencies.  Their services include but not limited to proofreading, Website translation, transcription and interpretation.

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