Is learning Chinese a Good Investment?


              Most of the people around the world consider English as the most spoken language but surprisingly it is not right. Chinese is the language that has whooping 1.1 billion native speakers. English has been a dominant language over the past decades but now the world is changing. China is becoming a global business leader. Chinese products are ruling markets all around the world. China is already a global leader in many fields. China’s influence is increasing with every passing day. Question arises that learning the Chinese language is a good investment or waste of money and time?

Simplicity of Language:

                 The answer to that question is simple. Yes, it is a very good investment for a better future. Most people assume that Chinese is a very tough language and they will not be able to learn it properly. But that is just a myth. Learning English is a very tough task but it is opposite for Chinese because it doesn’t have any concept of tenses, conjunctions, gender, and grammar. Speaking the Chinese language is not a difficult thing to do but writing Chinese can be a little bit tricky. It has complex strokes but that could also be achieved by hard work. A few years ago learning Mandarin was a headache because of the poor quality of audiotapes, unlimited dictionaries, and difficult characters. But now this scenario is completely changed. You can simply learn language from Youtube these days without paying a penny. Also, Chinese people make a huge proportion of the world population by having knowledge of Chinese you can communicate with them and have better insight into their culture and civilization.

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Cultural and Financial aspects:

                China has a rich culture and heritage but at the time China is also aiming to be the next superpower. So if a person wants to stay in the game and avail better opportunities why should not start learning Chinese today? People around the world, as well as governments, are trying to establish good industrial and cultural relationships with China. Mostly Chinese people who do not speak English still travel around the world. Lots of companies like Samsung and Apple are migrating their plants towards china and china is also initiating a large number of giant projects around the world with the Chinese workforce. In this scenario having a grasp over Chinese can earn you a better livelihood.

Tourism Aspect:

                 Not just by money perspective, sometimes you plan to spend vacation in a good fashion and decide to visit another country and eventually you choose to visit China because china offers great heritage and culture and of course  The Great Wall of China is also there than having the knowledge of the local language can be very handy. By knowing about the local you will be able to find directions, interact freely with local people, learn about culture and heritage and of course bargain with vendors. If you live in a country that hosts a lot of Chinese tourists you can have a bright future as a tourist guide.

Better Brain Functioning:

                  The benefits of learning the Chinese language do not end here. Some recent biological studies show that having Chinese (Mandarin) as the second language can improve the working of both sides of the brain. So if you are looking to improve your cognitive as well as for analytic skills you can think of learning.

Through this discussion, the importance of the Chinese language is obvious. It is better to invest your time in learning the Chinese language as it has great benefits.

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