Preparing for a USCIS Interview

People do want to make their career secure and they always look for options to excel in their careers. People from all over the world especially from Middle East, south Asia prefer to travel and settle in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Living and earning in USA is a dream of millions of people around the world because of many reasons. The few of the main reasons are economy, stability, better jobs and most importantly system itself.

Everyone wants to get there, apply for a green card and enjoy the benefits of an American national. Green card actually is a ticket to get a permanent residence or naturalization  in the USA. There are many legal procedures, people have to go through in order to get PR in US. These procedures are very complex and tiresome. But before you start anything, you have to think whether you are eligible to be a US citizen? They can be many reason  for not to be so it is advised to hire an experienced and well reputed consultant so he/she can explain the process before you start all this. It starts with filing the fee for your application.

English to Spanish Certified Translation Services

  1. The form you will need to fill in, is Form N-400, once you fill the form and submit it, you will need to pay the fee. In USA, 60%-70% of the applicants will require the services of translators and interpreters.
    First of all, you will need to see which language your documents are in and make sure that you translate them before submitting them with the application. For example, if you are from Dominical Republic and you are all documents are in Spanish, you have to find a professional Spanish certified translation services, it can be from any independent translator or any professional Spanish certified translation agency who have experience in translating Spanish to English documents. Please note that without professional and certified translation, your application can be rejected or delayed until you present the correct documents so hire a better service for translation of Spanish Documents.
  2. You must prepare for an interview, but making sure that the application that you have submitted should be error free is more important than preparing for an interview. People focus on interview while leaving some issues in the application.
  3. It must be understood that interviewer will be asking tough questions to you so you have to be precise and clear in what you reply. The better approach is to hire the best attorney. It must be noted and make sure that there is no false clauses in your forms which leads to any fraudulent information.
  4. The important step in immigration process is “adjustment of status” so if you are application is based on marriage, make sure that marriage certificate or any document you provide to prove this is correct and genuine. If you are not able to provide an authentic marriage certificate, your application can be rejected.
  5. You must see if you need an interpreter or you can answer the question. If you are not fluent in English, it is advised in your best interest that you hire a Spanish to English onsite interpreter. It will make your life easier.
  6. Before you set for an interview, dress well, eat well (because the wait time can be longer) however the interview should not take more than 30 minutes. Try to reach at the immigration office around 30 minutes before your actual interview time so you can see the environment and ease your nerves.
  7. In case, you hired an interpreter, you must reach 35-45 minutes so you can see an interpreter, explain him/her about your application so you both are comfortable with each other. You may share your documents 1 or 2 days prior to interview with interpreter so he/she can go through them.
  8. Bring all the documents with you. Remember USCIS is a smoking free zone so if you have smoking habit and you cannot without it, make sure you do it before entering into premises.

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