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What does come in your mind when you hear translation services? Have your come across the families that may need translation services? Why they need such services when there is much diversity in culture and you can find target language speaker easily. With the world is becoming global village, isn’t easy to learn any language so you can communicate with different language speakers. Why families are still struggling for a trusted translation services in USA?

People who are in need of translation services are mostly those who are migrated from different country or they belong to diverse family culture. Speaking might not be a problem for them in their routine meetings or conversations but professional translation of documents can be the problem for them. Often when they need any such service they reach out to translation agencies or any company which is involved in providing document translation services. Here we have another question comes up, when they need to hire a professional translator or interpreters?

English to Creole Translation services in USA

Why there is a need of Professional Translators

Answer is simple, they need service of professional translators when you are required documents to school, court, embassy or immigration office or the office requesting the documents must inform you that you need to submit translation which is accurate with a certificate of translation. Similarly if you are going to court hearing, it is recommended that you hire a professional American Sign Language interpreters or professional onsite interpreters for foreign language.

Since people travel to US come from many countries, they always need the services of professional and accurate translators for their families. In foreign language, Arabic have several dialects so Spanish and other languages are. Spanish is most spoken language in America after English because mostly immigrants come from Latin America. Families often need Portuguese to English, English to Creole translation services. It is important for translation services providers in USA that they must provide offer quality services in all these languages.

Instance where professional and certified translation services are required.

There are couple of other instances where families need translators and interpreters, in Medical and court cases. Since families come from other countries, they have limited proficiency in English. Sometime family members who are proficient can help the families but not all the time, so they need professional translators and interpreters. Only professional translation agency can provide smooth and seamless experience to new immigrants to meet their medical and legal needs.

Is Google sufficient for Translation?

According to research, Google provide only 60% accuracy when it comes to translate technical documents and we cannot rely when we have to submit the documents do USCIS or our college and universities or in courts. It can be good for simple translation but not for the documents where authorities require professional and certified documents translation. Even in recent years Google has improved its translation but still there are many loopholes which need to be filled out especially when it comes to complex terminology. After all this, it is not always recommended to use machine language or AI language translators.

Human Translators the only option for families.

Now question is, if machine language is not the recommended option, what to do now? Human translators which are hired by mostly certified translation services in USA, they are native speakers, living in their own countries or immigrant to US but fully proficient in respective languages. Hiring a professional translator can make the process very simple for the families. Families came to new place must have very limited budget so they must be looking for quality services in affordable rates. Families can look for:

  • Certified translation of documents
  • Accurate Translation
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Affordable Charges
  • Professional and 24/7 customer support

Why Versatile Languages

At Versatile Languages, we have native speakers in over 120 languages, providing accurate and professional translation services for several years. With quick turnaround time and lowest translation rate, Versatile Languages has establishes its own reputation and we are most trusted translators for Valencia College, Nova Southeastern University, University of Fort Lauderdale. Not only in educational sectors, we translated over 1000 projects in medical, legal and business fields. With head office in Fort Lauderdale, we have been providing excellent translation services not only in Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale but to other states as well.  

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