When Do I Need Certified Translations?

Why is the need of Certified Translation?

Have you heard about certified translation or certified translation services or why we even require that? Certified translation is not much different than the non-certified translation, it has same process but just with one additional document having a statement by the translator him/herself or translation agency.

Difference between certified and non-certified translation

The certified translation is normally required when you need to take admission in school/college in different country or you need to apply for immigration or marry someone in different country. Legal and medical document translations always require certification. If the nature of document is other than above needs, you may use non-certified translation unless the office you are submitting the documents ask for certification.

English to Spanish Translation Services

Need of Certified Translation

We have to see the reason why any of your document might need to go through this process. Just take an example of visa processing. I remember, I applied for a visit visa to UK in 2016, it was only 10 day visit but authorities asked for all my documents must be translated and certified from local language to English in order to process the application. So for immigration, certified translation of documents is mandatory.

Similarly, while taking admission in any college in US, you have to translate your school documents and birth certificate. If you are applying for work visa, you might have to present your background history, legal documents and they must be translated and certified to get approval.

In this article we will discuss various concepts of translation field which are always confused and not well understood.

Certified Translation Services

The question is how different is it with the non-certified translation? In certified translation, we attach a certificate of translation which is stamped and notarized by notary public office which ensures that the translation is correct to the best of the abilities and knowledge of translators. It also provides language pairs, translator name. It is not necessary to be done by a certified translator or it is not necessarily certified by the translator. It can be done by any of assigned representative, he may appear before notary office and get that done. In USA since we don’t have certification body so any translation agency or certified translation agency or certified translation company can assign one person and he/she can get the documents certified.

Some cases the documents needs to be sent to different country so for that we need to legalize the document. This document does not have anything with the accuracy or proficiency of translator. It only verifies that the stamp we have placed on the document is genuine. This process is normally done when documents are sent to embassies for any reason. Consulates only check the authenticity of stamp and the person background who has stamped it, they don’t check the accuracy.

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